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- Foundry Equipment

- Ventilation systems

- Material Handling

- Products and Spare parts


Genten Machines supplies worldwide new or used foundry machines,

equipment for air treatment and for material handling.

The company is managed, in the second generation, by the brothers Bruno and Stephan Genten.

We supply to foundries and other industrial sectors used machines, which have been,

according to customer wishes, either verified in our shop or totally renewed according to the present safety standards.




  • ACETARC foundry ladles
  • LÜBER gas generators
  • FEIN, high frequency - power tools


  • DIAMANT metalplastic
  • BRANTHO-KORRUX anti-rust colors


Come and visit us:

Hall 17 D02

January 2019

Dismantling of a blast machine RÖSLER in France 

 Complete foundry dissolution


Catalogue of machines here:

Foundry dissolution FERRUM

Disassembly of a HSP 2-D through the roof

Loading by a 200t mobile crane with 40m capacity